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Post Construction Cleaning

Shine Natural Cleaning’s post-construction cleaning service provides your new or renovated property with the great look it deserves. After

a construction project, most of the areas’ surfaces are covered with dust, dirt, paint and many other construction debris. When you need help from a professional cleaning company, Shine Natural Cleaning’s expertise services will provide your property with the attention and care it deserves. 

With Shine Natural Cleaning’s years of experience in the cleaning industry, our highly trained staff, with the right tools and resources can take care of the post-construction cleanup quickly and effectively.

Three phases of post-construction cleaning.


First phase – Heavy Cleaning

All large items, such as trash, debris, leftover materials, and other large items that cannot be vacuumed will be removed, general sweeping, remove stickers and tapes from all the areas.


Second phase – Detail Cleaning

Restroom, Kitchens, as well as any additional rooms will be given very detailed cleaning. Sinks, toilets, cabinets, windows, lights, and doors are just some examples of the installed items that will be thoroughly cleaned during this phase.


Third phase – Light Cleaning

A few days after the second phase is completed, this final phase of cleaning occurs. This phase of touch up cleaning is delayed since dust and dirt may still settle after the detailed cleaning. Our team will take the time to pay special attention to the final cleaning of dust, fingerprints, and other imperfections. This phase will typically take less time since cleaning smudges are primarily what will need addressed.

Shine Natural Cleaning will pay full attention to all details of a post-construction cleaning. We will offer our clients the absolute best experience to enter a fresh and clean property post-construction.

We offer professional, affordable, and dependable cleaning services.

Please contact us to discuss how our environmentally friendly commercial products can be used by your company.

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