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Covid-19 Cleaning & Disinfection

Shine Natural Cleaning’s primary goal is to keep your place safe and free from infection, protecting you, your staff, and clients. We offer professional cleaning and sanitizing services by applying disinfectant products and using a combination of techniques.

Our cleaning and prevention methods include surface cleaning, spraying, and fogging.

Surface cleaning – Using a professional commercial disinfectant product, we wipe all areas that can be touched by individuals.

Spraying – Our specially trained staff will apply a wet spray sanitizing product to complete a coating surface in a high traffic area. After applied, it is allowed to dry to ensure effectiveness.

Fogging – Technique that uses a spray with micro-particles to deliver disinfectant product that reaches all interior areas. With this technique, every nook and cranny of your facility from floor to ceiling will be sanitized.

Shine Natural Cleaning uses only professional higher-strength sanitizing and disinfectant products found on the list of Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

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